Panagia Sümela

Sumela Monastery is located within the boundaries of Trabzon province and within the boundaries of. This monastery is a church used by Orthodox Christians. S¸mela Monastery is a building built on a large area, mainly consisting of main church, several chapels, kitchens, student rooms, guesthouses, libraries and holy shrines. There is a water canal in the entrance of the monastery where water is thought to be brought, but a large part of it has been demolished over time. The entrance to the monastery is reached through narrow and long stairs. This region is very important for tourism. Trabzon Tourism Agency Akra Tours conducts daily daily tours. For reservations and information please contact the wire number 0462 332 3 332.

If we look at the history of the Sumela Monastery; Monastery, M.S. It is thought to have been built between 375-395. The church has similarities in the construction of the period. You can find this similarity in a church in Ma˛atl˝k in Trabzon. When the historical features are investigated, it is said that S¸mela Monastery was not used as a Church before. It has a period of about one thousand years until it was first used as a church. In spite of all this information, no historical documents or proofs have been found about this thousand-year history, and this interim period remains an ambiguity and remains to be investigated.