Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan)

Dalyan Iztuzu Beach is a wonder of nature. It is 5 thousand 400 meters long from the foot of the radar hill to the Bosphorus. If you add the small beach beach to the west of the Bosphorus, the total length exceeds 6 kilometers. Caretta carettas are very suitable for them to lay their eggs on the west side of this fine sandy beach with boats, the east side of the road is going by. Both sides have different characteristics. There are 2 separate beach facilities at both ends. The boat's name is Dalyanaz˝ Beach. Iztuzu Beach is the highway. Dalyan Municipality operates two beaches. The central part of the beach is waiting for you in its natural state. Lover, those who want to be 'desert man' ideal. You can not benefit from the beach from 08:00 until 20:00 in the morning from May to September because they leave eggs to sea. At night the beach is completely left to the turtles and guards.

In ancient times there was no beach in Iztuzu or another name. Kaunos, now 4 kilometers from Iztuzu, was a port city. The ships approached the commercial port in the present S¸l¸kl¸ Lake. It's hard to get there even today! What happened to Iztuzu Beach and the front of the port of Kaunos closed? Science explains this to us. Dalaman River, Ortaca and Dalyan flows in ancient times.