Tourism İn İstanbul

Şehz‚de C‚mii and Complex: It is located in Şehz‚deba˛˝ district. Sultan Sinanma was built between 1543-1548 by his son Şehz‚de Mehmed who died at the age of 22 by Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. The complex; c‚mi, madrasa, im‚ret, tabh‚ne, consists of the oven and tomb. The madrasa is used as a dormitory for girls, and a tabh‚ne as a laboratory for Vef‚ High. New V‚lide Mosque and Complex: Located in Eminˆn¸ Square. For the fifty years after the death of the third Mehmed Khan the construction of the mosque, which was laid by the order of Safiye Sultan, the mother of Sultan Mehmed III, was laid. HadÓce Turhan Sultan, the mother of Sultan Dˆrd¸nc¸ Mehmed Khan, completed it and opened to worship in 1633. The complex; The mosque is composed of mosque, sultan, sultana, primary school, arasta, sebil, fountain and library. Today, it is used as a museum. Sultan Ahmed Mosque and Complex: Sultan Ahmed Ahmed Square, Sultan Ahmed II Khan was built between 1609-1616 by Sultan Khamedar Mehmed Agha. The complex; It consists of mosque, sultanic schools, madrasah, arasta, d‚r¸˛˛if‚, tabh‚ne, im‚ret and tombs. The interior of the mosque is decorated with 21,043 tiles. Westerners call this mosque M‚vi Jami. It has six minarets. (See Sultan Ahmed Jamiah) B‚yezÓd Mosque and the complex: B‚yezÓd Square by Sultan Second B‚yezÓd was built between 1501-1506. The complex; mosque, school, tombs, tabh‚ne, caravanserai, madrasah and bathhouse. Today, the madrasa is used as the Municipal Library, im‚ret, B‚yezÓd State Library. The library has 240,500 prints and 10,698 manuscripts..

N˚ruosm‚niye Mosque and Complex: It is located in the north of the Grand Bazaar. The first Mahmud Khan began in the construction of the complex, and was completed in 1755 in the Third Age. The complex; mosque, madrasah, im‚ret, library, dispensers, fountains and shops have occurred. His real name is N˚r-˝ OsmanÓ. There are 10,000 manuscripts and 6000 works in its library.