Ihlara Valley

Direkli Church Originally built as a monastery, Direkli Church was named after the central dome architecture which was built on 6 pillars. In the Ihlara Valley, where inscriptions from Byzantium are scarce, it is important to have a Latin inscription reflecting that period. The name of the donor, Isaak, was written on this inscription. It consists of a closed Greek cross, three apse and a single dome. Access to the monks' graves and the chambers of the churches is reached through the door in the church which is north of the entrance. The inscription of the church was built on the main apse and north apse. Direkli Church's today destroyed by the two painter's paintings are thought to be done in different periods. Two rows of columns Frescos have been destroyed quite a bit, but Hz. The scenes about Jesus, the apostles and the saints can be distinguished. Church of Saint Georgeus (K˝rkdamalti) It is 1 km from Belis˝rma Village in Ihlara Valley and the church overlooking the valley from the top. 1283 - 1295, the date of its name, and the name of Saint Geogre'un the church writes the entire circle around the Latin inscription. In addition to the Biblical narratives, the Seljuk Sultan II. Mesut'ta depicted. This depiction II. Mesut's support for the construction of the church is also evident and makes the church even more important.

The church has a basilical plan and a single nave with a north entrance. There are six burial chambers underneath. In the wall paintings that fill the inside of the church, Hz. Jesus' Ascension, Crucifixion, Christ's Change, saints and donors are depicted.