Tourism in Fethiye

British citizens living in Fethiye in Turkey as the first love of a British citizen in accordance with the will of the funeral prayer imam who lost their lives in Ölüdeniz join together and came up with the priest. This unusual event, '' the Turkish flag '' motifs on the gravestones, the walls of their homes adorned with Ataturk posters and even the folk games team was followed by the news of the British. Meanwhile, the Turkish culture and getting to know the neighborhood better deal with to learn English to Turkish citizens, Turkey also draws attention to the love. The first time they learn frequently on the streets, "God willing, mushallah, God, mother, father, how are you, I'm good, where the country, get past, God accept," "learning the words such as the British, often practice among themselves refreshes their memory. Mays Smilth, who attended language courses in Ölüdeniz Municipality House of Arts, said in his speech in Turkish that he lived in Fethiye for a year, '' I was doing journalism in England. When I retired, I settled in Fethiye. I'm a columnist in a local newspaper published in English. I love Ölüdeniz and its people. I admire the Turkish cuisine and the family structure. Most of the British living in Fethiye to talk in Turkish and want to be given to the soil here, '' he said.

Tracy Wayte to agree with the neighbors to participate in the Turkish course by pointing, '' First, 4 years ago, Fethiye, I came to vacation. I've been living here for 2 years. I love listening to Turkish songs. I was impressed by the family structure of Turkish society. Family values ​​and friendship approaches were the most surprising to us, ''