Tourism in Cappadocia

We realized last week; I had the opportunity to park at the place where an international congress, two national congresses and a cartoon exhibit took place. My observations are not made together, but with the look of the congress organizer, I've found the answer I've seen and wondered for years! I'd like to share a few with you now. 1. Inadequate rooms for the congresses in the size of the area, which are sufficient for the congresses to be realized, and which have been built in the architecture suitable for the congress tourism. At least 250-300 people are doing a convention. 2. Even if there are enough congress halls, the congress historian has the problem of not finding a place when he / she is over 500. We've been through this last week. 3. The quality of accommodation facilities is tailored to mass tourism. It is well served service and dishes. That is, it does not need to be said that the customer, who continues his tour early in the day and early in the morning and after eating his dinner, has breakfast again, and that the congress customer cannot be the same with the service and quality of food and service they expect. However, these two groups of customers are in great need. The situation is unfortunately. Over the past week, we have received a lot of criticism from foreigners abroad and continue to do so.

4. Another issue related to the vision of the operators in the region. Now I have to say very much the operator will be angry, but I can not pass. The vision of the operators in the region is narrow; it's about saving the day. It is more common in middle and small operators, but we suffered a lot from this. We have received the approval of the operators before declaring the prices we have received from them. After a few months, the scaregoers started to come to the facilities in order to come to the facilities such as yar˝m we did not give such a price, it would not be half-board, it would be bed-and-breakfast bir. And we fell at the port of liar. This is because the demand for the region increases when we organize the congress! ..