Tourism in Bodrum

BODRUM CASTLE Bodrum Castle is built on a rocky peninsula surrounded by seas between two harbors. It depends on the north. The castle shows a plan close to the square. It measures 180 x 185 meters. The highest point is the French tower at an altitude of 47.50 meters above sea level. There are four other towers, including the British, Italian, German, and Serpentine towers. The sections of the fortress outside the eastern wall were reinforced with double-wall walls. Because the knights had a strong navy in the sea, they believed that they would ward off an offensive from the sea, they left the sea walls weak and strengthened the walls on the land side. Mausoleum The construction of the Mausoleum, considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world, began during the reign of the Carian satrap Mavsolos (estimated at 355 BC). This work is a giant monumental tomb, which is a 46-meter-tall, 21-meter pyramid with a triumphal carriage at the top, decorated with 36 columns in the Ionic order. A.D. The ancient grave preserved until the 13th century was first destroyed by an earthquake and then its stones were used in the construction of Bodrum Castle. In addition, many reliefs and sculptures of this tomb were taken to the British Museum by British Archaeologist C. Newton in 1856. Therefore, most of the monuments belonging to this monument are exhibited in the British Museum, but very few are exhibited in Bodrum.

ANCIENT THEATER It is one of the important remains from the Hellenistic period to the present. Its capacity is 13,000 people. It consists of 3 main parts. These are the Stage, Orchestra and Seating. The building is a long rectangular structure. At each end there is a door for the players to enter. In addition to these, there are 3 main entrance gates.