Aspendos Antique Theater

Aspendos Antique Theater Information The theater was built by the Romans in the 2nd century BC and became one of the best protected theaters in history. The theater was built as an open-air theater. The construction of the theater was started in 138 and the construction was completed in 164. The theater is one of the rare structures that can be reached until today. It is also known that the architect of the theater is Zenon, the son of Theodoros of Aspendos. The theater was presented to the emperor family and gods of Aspendos city by its architect. Today, the theater is home to various concerts. At the same time, the city of Aspendos attracts a very high number of tourists every year and the city is fascinated by tourists. Aspendos Antique Theater Story


The theater attracts tourists not only with its structure but also with its story. Although the story is actually pathetic, it is fascinating. The king of Aspendos has a beautiful daughter. The King wants to marry his daughter but no one can deserve his beautiful daughter. The king then makes a decision and announces his decision by saying, îMy people will marry my daughter and the person who does the most useful thing for our city. Bun Two twin brothers, who hear this news, immediately start work. One of the brothers has built a water passageway that allows water to get into the city by crossing the rough terrain, while the other is an ancient theater.