Tourism in Antalya

Major deficiencies, such as diversification of tourism services and increasing the local image-quality component, are still continuing, with the main infrastructure investments remaining and / or missing. The fact that 150 km of Alanya death road could not be completed in 15-20 years, experiences such as being overlooked in overload capacity in sub-regions such as Kemer and Belek were experienced. With the impact of the deterioration of the basic balances in Alanya 20 years ago, tourism was not supported to hit the bottom and was left to take care of itself. The necessary lessons could not be deducted from this bad example, especially due to the price reduction policy, the development of the 'cheap product' image in the region could not be intervened. Most importantly, Antalya is not able to lead this development. Antalya, which is experiencing an extremely fast urban development due to the tourism growth process in the region, has been crushed under all the negativities in parallel with this formation. The center, which has been prepared for all kinds of difficulties in order to increase the population, is unable to perform local leadership duties and falls into their own problems. However, within the framework of the current developments, Antalya needs to be able to act quickly and decisively in addressing the escaped reins of local leadership in both urban problems and in the need for broad-scale tourism. However, the developments in urban dynamics in the last 10-15 years give serious alarm signals against this expectation.

Antalya city, during this period 'tourism is developing the city of tourists coming after the cause of the hand-foot pulling' even the puzzle of the healthy diagnosis has not been able to make and the hands are lost like the KaleiÁi. It has not been understood that developing tourism constitutes a very big coastal holiday character and this situation completely contradicts with 'city tourism' and parallel treatment processes have not been entered yet.